CS-POGIL LogoSo proud of my students for hosting the first intercollegiate hackathon in Sonoma County, honored to help as a judge and impressed by the efforts of organizers and participants alike!

UPDATE: They won the SSU Student Involvement "Outstanding Program of the Year" award!

NomaHacks ran for 24 hours, April 5th--6th. The event played host to approximately 84 students from SSU and SRJC, working on projects together in 12+ teams of up to 4 students each. It was officially organized by the CS Club at SSU, but involved a huge team organized by Keegan Donley (class of 2019).

The event offered over $1,500 of prizes to teams competing in three vertical themes (Awareness, Energy, Transportation), for six prizes funded or donated by our sponsors. The CS Club raised over $6,200 in order to provide the entire event for free to participants.