Mark Gondree

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Sonoma State University. My work relates to CS education and computer security. I am a lead of the TableTopSecurity research project.

Recent News


SIGCSE LogoThank you to the SIGCSE Board for awarding me one of the 50 travel grants (in honor of the 50th SIGCSE) to attend SIGCSE in Minneapolis. It was my first time attending! My picture is in the SIGCSE bulletin with the other 49 recipients. (It is a bit of a where's Waldo image, as you can see below).

Not only did I get to see old friends who settled in teaching colleges and security education friends who do SIGCSE annually, but I got a lot of ideas for the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, which will be celebrating its …

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CS-POGIL LogoSo proud of my students for hosting the first intercollegiate hackathon in Sonoma County, honored to help as a judge and impressed by the efforts of organizers and participants alike!

UPDATE: They won the SSU Student Involvement "Outstanding Program of the Year" award!

NomaHacks ran for 24 hours, April 5th--6th. The event played host to approximately 84 students from SSU and SRJC, working on projects together in 12+ teams of up to 4 students each. It was officially organized by the CS Club at SSU, but involved a huge team organized by Keegan Donley (class of 2019).

The event offered …

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Intro to CS POGIL

Dr. Gurman Gill (SSU) and I are both participants in the IntroCS POGIL.

I did a 4-day POGIL workshop in at Manhattan College, NY over the Summer of 2018. We will both be integrating POGIL activities into our CS1 classes during 2018--2019. I'm very excited and encourage you to look at the materials the project has already released for various CS core classes: