Mark Gondree

I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Sonoma State University. My work relates to CS education and computer security. I am a lead of the TableTopSecurity research project.

Recent News

Activities published in POGIL Activity Clearinghouse


I recently completed a summer writing program supported by the IntroCS POGIL Project (NSF Award 1626765). It was the most productive writing programs I have ever encountered, in part due to the summer-long duration and its responsive mentorship and review teams.

The results of that work have been released as a special edition of the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse: PAC Vol. 3, No. 4. Five of my activities were accepted through peer review into the issue. (Again, it was a very productive writing program!)

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Activity published in QuARRY Repository

I am delighted to have an activity accepted into the CSU QLT's QuARRY (Quality Assurance Resource Repository).

The activity uses Google Jamboard and was developed for my computer logic and organization class on the topic of function prologues/epilogues in ARM assembly.

Mark Gondree, "Small Group Activity using Jamboard", developed 6/22/2021, accepted into QuARRy 1/5/2022.

CSU QuARRY Awardee

Awarded: Aug 14, 2020

Awarded To: Mark Gondree


Excellence in Teaching Award

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I am honored and humbled to be recognized with SSU's 2022-2023 Excellence in Teaching Award. This award at SSU can only be received by a faculty member once in their career.I am in very good company, considering the amazing past recipients of this award.

Relatedly, the SSU Center for Teaching & Educational Technology (CTET) has interviewed me as their first Faculty Spotlight series.

I also ran a small CTET workshop on the topic of "Reviewing your Syllabus for Inclusion and Justice"

Our first SMC-CS cohort enters their second year

SMC LogoI had the privilege of recruiting and teaching our first SMC-CS cohort under the Sonoma Mountain Connection program. Prof. St. John (Biology) and I co-taught an interdisplinary seminar in Spring 2022. Our students were extremely good sports about engaging in this experimental course offering, working together in CS/Biology teams to explore using technology to build virtual interpretive nature experiences. Our students' Spring 2022 e-portfolios are available online.

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Activity published in POGIL Activity Clearinghouse


I have recently contributed to the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse: my activity for Operating Systems was accepted into the PAC Vol. 3, No. 1 through their collaborative peer review process. If you are using POGIL in your classroom, my activity is available for more testing, but you must join the PAC for access. You can reach out to me for access otherwise.

Mark Gondree. "Interrupts and Syscalls", POGIL Activity Clearinghouse, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2022.