If I have directed you to this page, it is because you requested a permission number (PN) from me as your advisor, but I need more information. The department requires me to make sure a permission number is appropriate before I request one for you. You can save us both time by making sure your email addresses the below.


  1. What class are you trying to sign-up for?
  2. Did you try to sign up for it yet?
    • If yes, what happened?
    • If no, why do you think you need a code?
  3. Do you have PNs for any other classes? List the classes.
  4. Did you need a PN for any class in a prior semester? List the classes.

Noteworthy Situations

If any of these situation apply to you, mention it.

  • The pre-req is a course I never took at SSU but passed at another college.
    • Does it show up in your transfer report?
    • Does it appear on your ARR as credit for the pre-req?
  • The pre-req is a course I took 3 or more times before I passed it.
  • The pre-req is a course I repeated, but at another college

Things PNs don't fix

  • Waitlists.
    • Sorry, my PNs won't get you off a waitlist.
    • Solution: talk to the instructor. They may know how to help.
  • Time conflicts.
    • Sorry, my PNs won't resolve time conflicts
    • Solution: do time conflict paperwork with the instructors of the conflicted classes.
  • Taking courses out of order
    • Sorry, my PNs won't let you fudge pre-reqs, or turn pre-reqs into co-reqs
    • Solution: talk to the instructor.
  • Overriding credit units caps.
    • Sorry, my PNs won't let you sign up for more units than you are allowed.
    • Solution: do the paperwork to petition for extra units.